Born responsible

Committed to ethical, sustainable fashion, our brand delivers versatile, comfortable performance wear for all life's moments. We embrace a less-is-more philosophy with less chemicals, no new polyester, and responsibly sourced plant-based fibers. Our curated styles are designed for durability, easy care, and enduring quality.


Seamless sourcing solutions: From sketch to shelf

We streamline the path from brand vision to market-ready fashion, acting as the crucial link between brands and manufacturers. With a dedicated U.S. base and a seasoned local team in India, we ensure a seamless transaction and production process tailored to your needs. Our 25+ years of experience empower brands big and small, with flexible MOQs and end-to-end services from design to delivery. Let our expertise simplify your journey to success.

  • Direct liaison between brands and top-tier manufacturers
  • Customized service based on brand requirements
  • Hassle-free transactions with U.S. setup
  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • Support for small brands with adaptable MOQs
  • Comprehensive end-to-end services
  • In-house design team and sample production for concept realization


Precision craftsmanship, from concept to completion

Our approach to fashion production is meticulous and hands-on, ensuring excellence from design to delivery. With a dedicated pattern master and designers, we craft detailed Tech-packs, select premium trims early on, and partner with the right vendors for development. Our commitment extends beyond the design room — a specialized sampling team works tirelessly to perfect each prototype before mass production.

  • Expert design and planning for every piece.
  • Careful trim and material choice early on.
  • Close attention to samples before production.
  • Constant quality checks during making.
  • Regular updates and clear timelines.
  • Certified inspections for top quality.
  • Smooth shipping and customs handling.
  • Helpful U.S. team for easy imports.

At every step, our focus remains on customer satisfaction, innovative design, and unwavering quality assurance. With us, every detail is considered, every standard is met, and every client's vision is brought to life with precision and care.


Meet the visionaries behind the fabric

Our leadership team is the backbone of our brand, each a maestro in their own right, conducting the symphony of fashion creation with skill and passion. They bring together decades of experience, an eye for future trends, and a shared dedication to ethical and sustainable business practices.





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